Land Rover St. Petersburg

Service Center

Authorized Land Rover Service Center

Here at Land Rover St. Petersburg, we’re proud to hold a factory authorization for our service center. To achieve and maintain this authorization, our service center has to meet high standards for quality of work and excellent customer service. We not only meet these lofty standards, we regularly exceed them. This allows drivers throughout the Tampa area to have the peace of mind that we’ll complete the necessary auto repair and maintenance work properly.

If you’re looking for a St. Petersburg car dealership that has authorized Land Rover service, look no further than Land Rover St. Petersburg. Take your vehicle into our service center today for high-quality auto repair and maintenance.

Real Factory Land Rover Parts

As an authorized Land Rover service center, we have access to genuine parts straight from the factory. Some unauthorized service centers may use less reliable copies of real parts that may not fit or last. Your Land Rover vehicle takes good care of you, so take good care of it by allowing only genuine parts to be used for auto repair purposes.

Come into our Land Rover dealership today and get your vehicle fixed up with genuine parts from our parts center.

Land Rover Auto Repair at your local Land Rover Dealership near Tampa, FL

Reliable Auto Repair

Our fully staffed and equipped service center can perform any auto repair work that drivers in the Tampa area may need. From transmission work to engine repairs and more, we've got you covered. If your vehicle breaks down, rest assured that we'll have you back out on the road in no time.

Drivers searching for a reliable auto repair center in the Tampa area can find what they’re looking for at Land Rover St. Petersburg today.

Land Rover Oil Change Service at your preferred Land Rover Dealership near Tampa, FL

Convenient Oil Change Service

Every vehicle needs routine oil changes to function properly. The Land Rover St. Petersburg service center can take care of a routine oil change service quickly and easily. What sets us apart from the many oil change places throughout Tampa is our ability to perform any other auto repair or maintenance work that your vehicle may need.

Get a quick oil change service at Land Rover St. Petersburg today.

Fully Certified Technicians

As a factory-authorized service center, all of our techs are certified by Land Rover. Our technicians also hold certifications from prestigious third-party automotive organizations. This qualifies them to work on vehicles from other major manufacturers.

Meet with the factory-certified technicians at Land Rover St. Petersburg today.

Land Rover Brake Service at your local Land Rover Dealer near Tampa, FL

Have Your Brakes Serviced Here

Brakes need to be regularly serviced to continue to operate effectively. These vital services include refilling fluid and changing brake pads. Servicing your brakes regularly at our service center will help them work better and last longer.

When you come into Land Rover St. Petersburg, our techs will service your brakes and return them into optimal operating condition.

Land Rover Battery Service and Replacement at your preferred Land Rover Dealership near Tampa, FL

Ensure Your Car Is Fully Charged

An old battery can hamper the performance of an otherwise healthy car. Getting a new battery can return the vehicle to its old self and may even improve performance and efficiency. We have a large selection of new batteries to fit new Land Rover models and many other vehicles.

Charge up your vehicle with a new battery from Land Rover St. Petersburg today.

Land Rover Tire Service and Replacement at your local Land Rover Dealership near Tampa, FL

Fully Stocked Inventory Of Tires

Land Rover St. Petersburg even offers a large selection of tires. As with our batteries, these tires fit all current Land Rover models as well as many vehicles from other manufacturers. A set of new tires can greatly improve performance, especially if your old tires are quite worn.

Find the perfect tires for your vehicle at Land Rover St. Petersburg today.

Land Rover Wheel and Tire Alignment Service at your preferred Land Rover Dealership near Tampa, FL

Alignments Done The Right Way

Many drivers overlook alignment services, but this routine maintenance job is important for efficiency and performance. A properly aligned vehicle will handle better, and it will help you achieve peak fuel efficiency.

Get a fast and accurate alignment at Land Rover St. Petersburg today.