All You Need to Know About Buying a Car Online

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Online Car Buying: The Easy Way to Purchase a New Ride

Looking for an easy way to buy a new car? With Crown Fast Buy, you’ll get behind the wheel of your new car within a few quick and easy steps. In fact, it’s as easy as finding a car, choosing your financial options, and then deciding between pickup and delivery.

When you’re ready for a new Land Rover, consider Crown Fast Buy for online car buying made easy. And don’t forget to test drive any Land Rovers that stand out to you to help you make your choice. Until then, here are some answers to common questions about Crown Fast Buy and online car buying.

How Does Online Car Buying Work

When you’re looking to buy a new car, start by visiting the Crown Fast Buy Store. From there, the entire process takes place on your computer online—with upfront pricing and no surprise fees at checkout.

After you’ve arrived at our online store, find a Land Rover vehicle you like from our inventory—we even have a product specialist on standby to answer any questions you have or help you along the way. Then, you’ll check the price—don’t worry, before you commit, we’ll send you a full deal sheet showing you all the details of your purchase before anything is finalized.

Before you make a payment, you’ll want to value your trade-in if you have one. With Crown Fast Buy, you’ll receive an Instant Cash Offer from Kelley Blue Book—you’ll even receive a certificate that remains valid and redeemable if you don’t buy a new car.

Next, it’s time to complete a credit application if you plan to pull out a loan. This step involves you uploading a clear picture of your license and a valid insurance card. Even if you pay cash or lease, you’ll still need to upload these pictures for legal purposes.

Next, it’s time to thoroughly review your deal sheet. Make sure everything on your Land Rover and all your financial information looks as it should. Then, you’ll complete the process by telling us if you want delivery or pick-up. Whether you live in Tampa, St. Petersburg, or within 300 miles of St. Petersburg, we’ll deliver your Land Rover to your home, office, a local café, or anywhere else that’s convenient for you.

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Can You Test Drive the Cars Before You Buy Online?

How can you know a car’s right for you without a test drive? With the Crown Automatic Group, you can test drive any vehicle you find online. We’ll even drop off the Land Rover to you—thoroughly cleaned and ready to go. Take the vehicle for a spin—be sure to try out all the tech and comfort features inside. If it’s the right vehicle for your commutes, weekend fun, or anything else you need, feel free to complete the purchase and paperwork at home or online.

If you want to continue your search through Crown Fast Buy, that’s fine too. Take everything at your personal pace to find a ride that’s right for your drive.

How Does Buying a Car Online Compare with Buying In-Person?

The gist of the process is similar in that you still need to budget and research. However, when you buy online, everything is now at your personal convenience. If a new SUV catches you by surprise, you can take a few minutes to look up video reviews and forum discussions. Feel free to also explore all the ins and outs of the specs and available features that’ll make your rides an epic experience. You’re also in the privacy of your home—with no pressure to buy a new vehicle in the moment.

Like buying a car in person, you can still test drive. Even if you’re not 100 percent sure a car is right for you, taking a test drive is a fast way to find out whether or not it will elevate your driving experience.

Try Out Crown Fast Buy Today

When you’re ready to try online car buying for your next Land Rover, use Crown Fast Buy and be sure to test drive any vehicles that stand out. Also, feel free to stop by Land Rover of St. Petersburg if you want to schedule a test drive now or want immediate answers to questions about the Land Rover experience. As your local Land Rover dealer, our goal is to help you explore all available options, packages, and trims—even if you decide to purchase through Crown Fast Buy.

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